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Kawaii Wolf of Kawaiikochans


Kawaii Wolf of Kawaiikochans

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- From “Metal Skin Panic Madox-01,” directed by Shinji Aramaki (1987)


- From “Metal Skin Panic Madox-01,” directed by Shinji Aramaki (1987)

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Apr 14

Vendor Everything, even custom gems

Now that we have both RVM and Bundler, you’re following the advice in this article to keep all your gems in source control, right?

No? Why not? “I have a custom fork that isn’t on github?” Pfshaw!

1. Put a ‘:git’ option for the gem to your repo on disk. e.g:

gem ‘my_custom_gem’, ‘1.0.0’, :git=>’file://path/to/your/repo’

2. Follow the steps in the article:

bundle install —path vendor’

bundler package

Make sure the .gem for your custom gem is in vendor/cache.

3. Remove the :git flag for that gem in your Gemfile and run

bundle install —path vendor

again to remove the git references from Gemfile.lock.

4. Check in vendor/cache/*, and .bundle/config to source control.

There now, that wasn’t so hard. And now you don’t have to worry about losing the original git repo, or reinstalling the custom gem on every deploy.

Mar 27

Useful gem list of 2011/03/27

timeliness: “Fast date/time parser with customisable formats, timezone and I18n support.” Not only does it realize the difference between US(mm-dd-yyyy) and Euro(yyyy-mm-dd) formats, it allows for easy overriding, with simple text strings instead of strftime tokens.

reckon: “automagically converts CSV files for use with the command-line accounting tool Ledger.” A decent Ledger converter is great in and of itself, but reckon can also guess account names if you feed it a previous ledger file.

Additionally, if you write a Ruby command-line tool and haven’t been using trollop, this is your warning to change your wicked ways.

Mar 14

If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga

Mar 13

And Then There Was Salsa -

Make sure you’re watching in a relatively modern browser.